Main Research Themes
  • Food Quality and Safety [FoQuS] Design
  • Food Reformulation Engineering as Sugar Reduction Tool
  • Flavor Design with Innovative Processing Technologies
  • Alternative Proteins for Sustainable Food Production
Food Processing and Products
  • Thermal Processing [Snack Foods, Fried, Baked and Roasted Foods]
  • Fermentation [Bread, Beer, Wine, Yoghurt, Cheese, Olive, Cocoa]
  • Bioprocessing: Sprouting, Germination [Cereals, Legumes]
  • Hidden Food Processing [in vitro Digestion of Foods]
  • Minimal Processing [Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables, Fruit Juices, Dried Fruits]
  • Brewing [Tea, Coffee]
Chemical Reactions
  • Maillard Reaction
  • Sugar Decomposition Reactions
  • Lipid Oxidation Reactions
  • Enzymatic Reactions
  • Single-Response and Multi-Response Kinetic Modelling
Food Constituents  
  • Maillard Reaction Products
  • Thermal Process Contaminants
  • Flavor Compounds
  • Neuroactive Compounds
  • Bioactive Compounds
  • Dietary Antioxidants
  • Dietary Fibers
  • Fiber-Bound Antioxidants
Food Analysis  
  • Liquid Chromatography
  • Ion Chromatography
  • Preparative Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography Olfactometry
  • High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
  • High Resolution Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
  • Computer Vision Based Color Image Analysis
  • Physical Structure Analysis
  • Sensory Analysis