Acrylamide in Food is fully updated

Acrylamide in Food, Second Edition, is fully updated with four new chapters that incorporate current literature on acrylamide, including analysis, formation mechanisms, levels in foods, reduction strategies, and new regulations, such as the one made by the European Union in 2017 regarding the presence of acrylamide in processed foods.
The book comprises of four parts: part one introduces acrylamide and the food chain in the context of harm and health. Part two focusses on acrylamide in various types of foods, such as bakery products, fried potato products, coffee, battered products, water, table olives, etc. Part three highlights its interaction mechanisms and health effects. Part four discusses methods of analysis.

Key features

  • Thoroughly updated revision, providing detailed information on acrylamide formation in various foods
  • Includes updated content on new regulation regarding the presence of acrylamide in processed foods
  • Includes interaction of acrylamide with other compounds and its fate during digestion
  • Explores acrylamide in the food chain in the context of harm, such as acrylamide and cancer, neuropathology of acrylamide, and maternal acrylamide
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Science Award to Prof. Dr. Vural Gökmen
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RSC Food Group 2023 Early Career Medal to Dr. Neslihan Taş