RSC Food Group 2023 Early Career Medal to Dr. Neslihan Taş

Dr. Neslihan Taş from FoQuS Research Group of the Department of Food Engineering was awarded the 2023 Early Career Medal by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry Food Group. She performed research on the Maillard reaction and the novel approaches to understanding the chemistry of this complex reaction.

She explained the effect of inorganic salts on the prevention of toxigenic compounds (acrylamide and HMF) and the formation of aroma compounds (furan compounds, Strecker aldehydes, pyrazines) as well as the action mechanism of salts on acrylamide, HMF and aroma compounds. Her work has made a significant impact to human health and flavour chemistry, which is applicable across a wide range of food applications.

The page where the award is announced can be accessed from the link below.

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