FoQuS Research Group

Our research focuses on food quality and safety issues to understand better the changes in foods during processing. We apply fundamental engineering tools, unit operations and advanced analytical techniques to improve our insight on food.

At FoQuS, we recognize the importance of supporting research through collaboration. Hence, we have important academic partnerships with, among others, Europe’s leading research institutions. In addition, we have strong partnerships with food industry ranging from small-medium enterprises to larger companies at national and international levels. Also, we have been collaborating with world’s leading analytical technologies providers.

We mainly strive to obtain funding from industry and internationally supported projects to sustain our research operations. In this way, we not only test importance and quality of the work we do, but also we diversify funding sources that eliminates dependence.


Did you know?

Humans have been processing food ever since we learned how to cook, preserve, ferment, dry or extract. Processed food has powered the evolution of species, the expansion of empires, and the exploration of space.


Did you know?

Food and drink is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in many developed economies including Turkey. Nowadays, there are range of opportunities food and drink sector offers and inspiring the next generation of food engineers and scientists…


Did you know?

Grains are important sources of nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals. People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet may have reduced risk of certain chronic diseases.

Did you know?

Naturally fermented foods are getting attention from health experts because they may help strengthen your gut microbiome.